-movement, fluctuation or variation marked by the regular recurrence or natural flow of related elements

-the aspect of music comprising all the elements (such as accent, meter and tempo) that relates to forward movement

-origin – middle French (rhythme), Latin (rhythmus), Greek (rhythmos), probably from rhein – to flow

Self care helps me to find rhythm between my personal, family and professional responsibilities.  The definition of rhythm indicates forward movement and flow.  I like this idea much better than work-life balance which elicits thoughts of homeostasis or walking on a tightrope.  I would much rather find a state of rhythm among the different aspects of my life.

How does rhythm relate to self care?  Each of us can find our own rhythm depending on our personality, preferences and circumstances.  The self care practices of a new parent with an infant are going to have a different rhythm from a young single person just starting a career.  Someone who works nights or long shifts, such as a nurse or a firefighter, will have a different self care rhythm from a spouse caring for their loved one with a debilitating or terminal health condition.

I’ll keep it simple today by asking you a few questions: What are the elements in your life that come together to create your rhythm (personal, family, career/business, health, etc)?  What is one self care practice that you can do on a consistent basis that will help to create a steady, harmonious rhythm in your life?

All definitions are from Merriam-Webster Dictionary